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PostgreSQL 9.4 Installation Notes

Legal Bits

First the boring legal stuff. The software bundled together in this package is released under a number of different Open Source licences. By using any component of this installation package, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of it’s licence.

The PostgreSQL Server, pgAdmin and the installer itself are released under the PostgreSQL License.

This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (

Supported Operating Systems

This Windows installer can run on a Windows XP SP3 and above.

Procedural Languages

The procedural languages pl/Perl, pl/Python and pl/Tcl are included in this distribution of PostgreSQL. The server has been built using the LanguagePack community distributions of those language interpreters. To use any of the these languages from within PostgreSQL, download and install the appropriate interpreters and ensure they are included in the PATH variable under which the database server will be started. The versions used are shown below - newer minor (bugfix) releases may also work, but have not been tested:

  • Perl 5.16

  • Python 3.3

  • Tcl 8.5

The current pl/Python is dynamically linked with Python's shared library in the LanguagePack installers. Some distributions of Python interpreters (including ActivePython) on Linux do not carry a dynamic library of Python. Such interpreters would no longer be functional with pl/Python.We strongly recommend the users to use LanguagePack installers for pl/Perl, pl/Python and pl/Tcl.

Windows Service Account

The special 'NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService' account is used.

Command line options

Path to install directory:


Silent install:


Ini file with install options:


INI file format

In the section [options] can be that's options:

  • InstallDir = Path to install server

  • DataDir = Path to data folder

  • Port = port number

  • SuperUser = user name

  • Password=user's password

  • noExtConnections = 1 – don't allow external connections

  • Ñoding = ...

  • Locale = Locale

  • Pgadmin=no — don't install pgAdmin

  • Vcredist=no — don't install Visual C++ Redistributable Package

  • Pgserver=no – don't install PosgreSQL server

  • odbc=no – don't install ODBC drivers

Assembled by Victor Spirin